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Corporate Social Responsability

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be defined as active and voluntary contribution to improving social, economic and environmental issues by companies, usually with the aim of improving their competitive position as well as its added value.

In AME Consultores we are very aware about how to lead and manage our business services, always keeping in mind the impact that all aspects of our activities in our customers, our staff, our community and on the environment.

For AME Consultores, Social Responsibility means a constant ethics and the base of our business activities.

Within the scope of the Consultancy in New Technologies of Information and Communication, on which we base a significant portion of our services, we join a very important global trend in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility: Green IT. Bet for Free Software as we do in AME Consultores "That's green."
Green IT is Free Software from a broader perspective, encompassed in the concept of free knowledge and under a collaborative philosophy and to the benefit for the community. From this trend, we defend free software because it allows to extend the life of computers and can install the latest version of the operating system on a computer without buying a new, more powerful. But there are other reasons for us to use and bet on free software: the Internet has become a new way of access to culture and information. Across the Free Software computing can be affordable to more people and businesses at low prices. Thus, from AME Consultores we collaborate in a universal and cheaper access to culture, information and knowledge, while reducing also several different digital gaps that still exist: the age gap, the gender gap and, of course, the social gap.

We will release our agreements and collaboration agreements established with NGOs and Associations of the regions in which AME Consultores provides services to show our commitment to the community and local citizens, environment and sustainable development.
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