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Our Career

Since the founding of AME Consultants in 2001, we followed a path of professional growth based on the updating of knowledge, continuous improvement, talent for innovation, service to our clients and concern for the quality of our job.

Our first clients were companies and government agencies with which made projects for Local, Social and Economic Development that allow our customers a better understanding of business and logistical framework of the territories to move to further field works, studies and services for the improvement and direct impact on local and regional environment.

Subsequently we opened our business experience and entreprenurial activity to the private enterprise (SMEs, micro-SMEs, self-employed and professionals), providing it with tools for maximum return on their resources and improving efficiency in all processes.

These are some of our work:
  • The team of AME Consultants have been licensed by the Ministry of Economy, Science and Enterprise of Andalusia for the provision of services through INNOVATION CHEQUE. This is a fee free public program for incorporating in the SMEs of innovative elements that add value and improve their business and their competitiveness.


- Provision of Service "Innovation for the transformation of business processes". This service aims to identify management problems, improving performance in the organizational, functional or technological changes. That does not mean a change in the product or service from the company, but how it is produced.

- Provision of Service "Innovation as a result of the implementation of a Marketing Strategy". This service aims to diversify the customer portfolio and geographic markets. In the commercial area means distinguish financial scenarios.

  • Since 2009, Tutor of Innovation for InnoCámaras Programme of Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of the province of Malaga, which AME has been selected as official consultant through Public open tender (from a very large number of applicant organizations) as one of the four companies in the province, providing fee free IT service for the implementation of the Programme in the development of Phase I. Its main goal is to contribute to improving the competitiveness of SMEs, by integrating the culture of innovation in their business strategies as a key competitive tool to achieve sustained economic growth. Also in 2009 we have got license as a Special Advisor for the development of Phase II InnoCámaras Program. After tutoring service for Phase I and development of the Plan of Support for Innovation, we provide the beneficiaries a specialized and professional advice and consultancy to start the path to innovation.
  • From 2006 until the end of the program in 2009, implementation of the Novapyme Programme for support the incorporation of Information Technology and Communications (ICT) for SMEs in Spain. www.novapyme.es. This is a fee free public consulting service for IT improvement for SMEs and self-employed persons in Andalusia. This is the AME Consultants project that has spent more material and human resources. With a team of ICT consultants for a comprehensive advice in IT, we have provided over 2,500 companies, self-employed and professionals to improve IT services in Andalusia in a TOTALLY FREE way that directly impacts the effectiveness of the processes and profits of the company, being AME Consultores the company with better results in terms of quality of service provision and number of firms assisted under the program throughout the whole region of Andalusia.

Success stories Novapyme Programme: video 1, video 2.

Other of our works:

  • Training Workshops for Technology to entrepreneurs located at the Centers for Entrepreneurial Development of Cadiz. Fundación Red Andalucía Emprende. Ministry of Innovation, Science and Enterprise of Andalusia.
  • Employment and Unemployment: Cadiz 1981-2000. Working Papers. County Council of Cádiz. Co-authors.
  • Assessment of the employment Plans in Cadiz. County Council of Cádiz. Co-authors.
  • Analysis on the Commercial Supply and Demand and Sector Diagnostic and traditional shopping center. Miniurban-Regional Agreement Project for Development Area of employment encouragement in El Puerto de Santa Maria.
  • DIDO: Profile Action Study 1. Equal Opportunities between Women and Men in the Labour Market. DIDO-Initiative Programme EQUAL-Action 1 - Promotion and Development Institute of the City of Jerez de la Frontera.
  • Conferences: City Model for XXI Century: Implementation of the municipal model of endogenous development. (Technical Secretariat). Training Program of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP).

  • Report on Real Estate Market for Commercial Spaces, Industrial Units and unsubsidized housing Residences in the City of Barbate. Real Estate Society of the Free Zone of Cadiz SL
  • Urban characteristics and Price levels of real estate market in Ground / Industrial Units, a Set of 50 industrial areas, for 18 cities of the province of Cadiz. (Technical assistance and Field Work). Real Estate Society of the Free Zone of Cadiz SL
  • Informe sobre la Detección de Posibles Necesidades del Sector Bodeguero, del Marco de Jerez, relacionadas con la Gestión de los Impuestos Especiales y el Almacenamiento de sus Productos. Asistencia Técnica y Trabajo de Campo. Sociedad Inmobiliaria de la Zona Franca de Cádiz S.L.
  • Analysis on the situation of human resources, production, sales process and acceptability of the internet and electronic commerce of the traditional companies established in their own area of influence of the Association of Municipalities of Bajo Guadalquivir and project management for construction an E-Commerce platform for artisans of the Lower Guadalquivir. www.artequivir.com. Artequivir.
  • Descriptive Analysis of Market Entry Barriers to Women in the Region of Bajo Guadalquivir. Local Development Association of the District of Lower Guadalquivir (Adelquivir).
  • ITC Consulting for the Technological Network of Andalusia (RETA).
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