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Welcome to AME Consultores

Since its establishment in 2001, AME Consultores is as an exciting project which mission is to improve our immediate environment through the development of governmental projects. In the last few years we have been continuously gaining the confidence of the local and regional public organizations by promoting employment, social and economic development, training and strategic consulting in all public sectors.

After the consolidation of our company as an entity partner and developer of local wealth, we decided to focus our efforts and experience on improving other important issues like the social and economic development, the business network for professionals, the local SMEs, as well as the self-employed persons who create jobs and struggle to offer high quality services to the society.

We are conscious of the needs of our clients to run a more flexible business which can be adapted to the changing market requirements, that is the reason why our consultants offer to our clients very customized services. This has allowed to Ame Consultores to become an essential resource for those companies that need the support of a professional team, that will help them to run their business in an incredibly competitive market, differentiate themselves from the competitors and keep the customers’ loyalty.

More than 2,500 SMEs, micro-SMEs, self-employed and professionals in Andalusia have trusted us and have used our services for their business projects. You can also trust the experience and results of AME Consultores, their successful work of continuous improvement of business processes, the efficiency and profitability of their job and their entrepreneurial efforts.

We can help you develop your own competitive advantage, providing you with multiple working tools.We work with you to help you reach your goal and make sure that your efforts are rewarded with personal and professional success and competitive management.

Rafael Pagán Rodríguez.

AME Consultores Manager.

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