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An Obligation and a possible serious Penalty if you do not comply with

Compliance with legal requirements is something that almost every company fulfills to perfection: company’s constitution by public notary, subsequent trade register, quarterly statements, etc. In the same way, the companies must comply with new legal aspects if they operate on internet, and of course, with the protection of personal data handled by any company, club, association or self-employed persons.

Every company that wants to avoid penalties and become more competitive and self-confidence for their customers, they must comply entirely with the Law on Protection of Personal Data (Data Protection Act) and The Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Spanish Act(LSSI-CE). An unsatisfied client or a competitors can know anytime if we comply with the Data Protection Act through the access to the website of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (it is public access), and if do not, the Agency provides you with an on-line application form as a formal complaint to be filled out and submitted immediately. The penalties could reach one million euros. What small business or self-employed person can afford such penalty, even light, can be up to € 60,000?

AME Consultores is exclusive partner in the province of Cadiz of LOPDGEST, Market Leader to the Data Protection Act adaptations. Some of the LOPDGEST Customers are Ministries, large-sized enterprises in all sectors and more than a million of SMEs and Self-employed persons. We offer a comprehensive adaptation to the Data Protection Act and The Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Spanish Act (LSSI-CE), as a technical support as well as a legal and organizational issue, helping you to achieve the next level to avoid high legal penalties due to negligence by the use of personal data and E-commerce.

Complying with the Data Protection Act and the LSSI is an insurance for your business. Please, do not take any risks.
Register of Patents and Trademarks: we will be in charge of the complete process of the application, granting, tracking and monitoring of their dossiers for registration of Trademarks and Patents. Besides, we take care of legal defense and protection of their trademarks and patents.

Trademarks: not only we register its trademark in Spain, but also we take care of the European TM registration. That is for customers that sell their products or services throughout the European Union. Through a simple application, we will protect your brand in 25 countries, allowing you to operate throughout the European Economic Community without requiring the national registry in each country.

Contact us to know for free if a trademark is already registered.

Patents: It is really obvious that any innovation that make our clients requires legal protection that guarantees an exclusive right of use. AME Consultores ensures that our client will not suffer usurpation of others.


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