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  • Dynamization Plans, Commercial Renovation or Modernization. The city center, traditionally commercial, is threatened in most cities by the big shopping centers. Our methodology provides an appropriate approach towards empowerment of city center instead as a place for traditional trade through analysis and design of concrete proposals for specific actions for each municipality.
  • Program Management and Strategy Definition for Location and Retail Development. We deploy plans that bring together the future development of doing business in the municipality with participation of all involved agents. It is essential to carry out the development process of retail, which has become a key element for sustainable and endogenous development of our municipalities. These plans are the necessary basis for effective regulation.
  • Reform Plans of Municipal Markets. The Municipal Markets have lost its primary role as basic supplier for people. Now it have to offer more added value than its principal competitors, the shopping centers and the supermarkets. For this reason, it will need first a diganosis based on the direct assessment about how work the Market, its Environment, Analysis of Supply, Behavior Patters of the Consumers, etc. in order to provide action and reform plans to transform the Municipal Markets into the principal reference for the consumers again.
  • Real Estate Market Research. The Market Reseach will be deployed on the entire municipality or on a specific area of a municipality. It could be made on any particular use within real estate, residential, tertiary, commercial and industrial sectors.
  • Soil Survey or Mapping. The purpose is to know the status of planning and management within a given municipality in order to reach conclusions about the availability of Soil for one or more uses (residential, tertiary, commercial and industrial) and the approximate time it would be available. It is also very useful to know competitors in the short, medium and long term which will have a particular major urban promotion and schedule to put it on the market.
  • Forecasting Studies on Potential Housing Demand. It enable us to detect some situations of overproduction or some defects in houses and to forecast the Soil needs of a particular municipality or the planning of a particular urban action.
  • Analysis and Assessment of Investment Projects. Feasibility studies for the best investment project: hotels, nursing homes and student residences, shopping centers, business parks, industrial or leisure centers, golf fields, hospitals, urban management and land development, trend and market research, etc.
  • Analysis and Detection of Development Opportunities, as well as shortcomings and problems of the industrial estates in a particular municipality.
  • Advise for investors to improve profitability of their assets or make any transaction from the urban point of view.





Estudios de Suelo. El objeto es dar a conocer la situación del planeamiento y la gestión dentro de un determinado municipio con objeto de llegar a conclusiones sobre la disponibilidad de suelo para uno o varios usos (residencial, terciario, comercial e industrial) y el plazo aproximado en que estaría disponible. También son muy útiles para conocer a corto, medio y largo plazo, la competencia que tendrá una determinada promoción urbanística de envergadura y poder programar su puesta en el mercado o comercialización.
  • Estudios de Previsión de la Demanda Potencial de Vivienda. Permite detectar situaciones de sobreproducción o defecto de viviendas, así como prever las necesidades de suelo de un determinado municipio o la planificación de una actuación urbanística determinada.
  • Análisis y Evaluación de Proyectos de Inversión. Estudios de viabilidad para el mejor proyecto de inversión: hoteles, residencias geriátricas y de estudiantes, centros comerciales, parques empresariales, industriales o de ocio, campos de golf, centros hospitalarios, gestión urbanística y desarrollo de suelos, estudios de tendencia y de mercado, etc.
  • Análisis y Detección de las Oportunidades de Desarrollo, así como de las carencias y problemáticas de los polígonos industriales de un determinado municipio.
  • Asesoramiento a Inversores para mejorar la rentabilidad de sus activos o realizar alguna operación desde el punto de vista urbanístico.
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